Terms of Service: Agreement between user and Rista Group (RISTA SEO FZE).

Welcome to https://ristaseofze.com/. Thank you for visiting our website (the “site”) www.ristaseofze.com. It is a pleasure to have met you. Hope we have satisfied your query how far it was possible through a website. It will surely be a delightful journey if we go ahead together. For the smooth and uninterrupted services, here are the framework of our Terms & Conditions.



Your use of https://ristaseofze.com/ is subject to Rista Group’s Privacy Policy. We believe in the utmost privacy of our client’s database and documents. We are bound to maintain the privacy and hence no information of our client will be revealed to any third party.


Electronic Communication:

Visiting our site or sending the email to us is a part of Electronic Communication. You consent to receive electronic communication. You agree that all information, agreements, disclosures and other communications that we provide you electronically via email satisfy the legal requirements.


Intellectual Property:

The Intellectual Properties like Graphics, Designs, Contents, Taglines, Softwares are subjected to our copyright and hence there is a strict prohibition on the use of these properties by another party.



If there is any mistake in content like miss-spell etc, we are bounded to correct that as soon as possible.



After visiting our site and filling up the form, you may get timely messages or posts or any kind of notification regarding our service and the company.


All these Terms and Condition are primary and will be maintained strictly by us within our agreement period with you. Apart from these, there may be any other condition if needed at the time of agreement with an individual client.

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