Mobile Website

By June 26, 2016Blog

Do You really need a Mobile Friendly website?

The answer is YES!

Below are 3 main reasons:
1. Since 2015, searchers are using mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets much more than desktops and laptops. Close to 70% of the visitors look for your website on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, chances are they will find your competition instead of you.

2. For the last one year, Google has warned site owners several times that if their site isn’t mobile friendly, it will rank much lower compared to the sites which are mobile friendly. To encourage this, Google made several tools available to check mobile compatibility of your website.

3. If any visitor is there on your website and it isn’t mobile friendly, 67% of them will click the back button and visit your competitor’s site.

Can your business afford to LOSE 70% of your customers to your competitors?
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