SEO can make or break the online image and reputation of any company. We do intense research for each client to help them achieving the results that they want. Below are few testimonials from our clients which show our continuous effort to deliver the best.

Breej Raj is very professional and dedicated to work with his clients to rank them higher.

kotton grammer

Kotton Grammer
Nationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur.

We worked with Breej Raj on a common SEO project and found that he has incredible SEO knowledge. He is very approachable and delivers what he says with 100% satisfaction. I would highly recommend Breej to any business looking to generate more revenue online.

Kenny Efobi
Signal Operations Manager★Digital Marketing Consultant at Digital Essex SEO★ Driving qualified leads for clients★

Breej Raj has extraordinary skills of ranking local websites. He can bring great results for your business. His technical skills are highly recommended.

Thomas Northam
Local Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimizaition Expert

If you are looking to a Top SEO Expert Breej is the best. He can analyze a website and make it rock on the the internet!

Jo Ann McLellan
Internet Marketing Expert in SEO & Web Design

Breej is one of the best SEO experts in Dubai. He possesses excellent SEO strategies which give a massive advantage to all who are fortunate enough to work with him. Don’t hesitate to choose Breej as your SEO and online business development expert, you won’t regret it!

Surech Kay
Malaysia SEO expert driving targeted traffic and leads to businesses

Rista Group helped me a lot in local Google ranking. Breej Raj is extremely knowledgeable in his field and highly professional in his approach. He can help any business in improving its online presence irrespective of the industry and market.

Martin Jošt
Business Owner at Velvet SEO; International SEO Expert; Professional Music Transcriber

Thanks Breej Raj for all your help and expertise.

Tejas Bhavsar

Rista Group has a team of professionals who are the real experts of their fields and Breej Raj is the guy who can increase the revenue of any organization. Thank you guys for all your efforts.

Dramatic SEO Results LLC
Bayside, New YorkMarketing and Advertising

Be sure to connect with with Brij Raaj today, and ask him to share how he will leverage your business’s online and offline marketing assets to drive your business’s success. SEO optimization, Web Design and Lead generation are among Brij’s strengths. I have enjoyed all of our encounters and recommend him most highly!”

Dy R. Smith
Oklahoma City SEO Marketing Consultant, Motivational Speaker ★ Former News Reporter★

Brij’s skills in dominating online presence of your business is unparalleled. Working with Brij and Dubai City SEO is something like getting results beyond your expectations. If you are serious about your goals and targets – contact him! I highly recommend him to any business owner.

Benjamin Kwa, SEO Consultant
SEO Marketing Consultant at

Rista Group is excellent in doing on demand work and delivering it on time. From the very starting to the finishing of the project, we got all the support and a comfortable zone to work with them. We are happy to recommend Rista Group – A Dubai SEO Company, for their excellent work.

Budget Tour India
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Breej Raj has a deep understanding of search engine marketing and he is a genuine SEO professional. Any business will improve with his knowledge no matter what market they are in. If you want results and more business from search engine optimization, he is the guy to reach out to. Highly recommended.

kotton grammer

Lucian Harhata
Software Entrepreneur & SEO Consultant

I`d like to give many thanks to Breej Raj and Rista SEO FZE for their awesome services. It helped me to build a much better branding for my Company and to increase revenue buy half in just a few months! Their professionalism and knowledge are outstanding. And I couldn`t help myself giving them a 5 Star review. Thanks again.

Julia Bennison
Software Entrepreneur & SEO Consultant

Most people claim that they are skilled at Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing, but finding someone really skilled isn’t an easy task. I know first hand that Breej Raj CAN do it. He is absolutely incredible with his skillset and can really turn a business around.

Michael Phillips
Expert Local Online Marketer | Enhancing Local Businesses by Sending Revenue Producing Organic Traffic to Websites

If you are looking for someone with expertise in Online Marketing, Breej Raj is your man. He is great to work with and takes the time to explain everything so that you can understand. His proven SEO techniques consistently produce positive results. I highly recommend Breej Raj and his agency Rista Group for all your SEO needs.

Jackie Dinh
Owner Principal, Vital Traffic Solution | Helping business generate organic traffic & visitors on Google

I have worked with a myriad of SEO and lead creation specialists and none of them are equipped with the insights and competence that Breej has as it pertains to website marketing.

Wade Cockfield
Melbourne SEO Expert, Local SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Consultant

Breej Raj has been easy to work with and is excellent at what he does. He has exceptional combined skill sets of both SEO and Social Media Marketing. He always goes the extra mile to deliver the best. If you are looking for the right SEO Expert, don’t hesitate to contact him.

Carol A. Cali
VP – Creative Director & Digital Marketing Director: Product Development, Design, Online Marketing, SEM/SEO

I highly recommend Brij. He was great to work with and was able to get my business to the top of the search engines. He is a true expert!

Shannon McCraw, Baltimore SEO Expert
Owner at Virtual Surge – WiFi Lead Generation and Marketing Specialists

I have had the pleasure of working with Brij and I can say that he is a genius in SEO and Internet Marketing! He will help you find greater online business success and improve the ranking of your website. He is one of the best in his craft and I highly recommend him!

Sherilyn Colby, Holistic Business SEO Expert
Nationally Recognized Business Marketing Expert * Helping Businesses Get More Customers

Brij demonstrates professionalism in his work and it shows in the results he gets for his SEO clients. He has superb insight and really knows his stuff.

Anthony Yap
CEO at eBusiness Masters

Rista Group took the entire responsibility. Breej Raj came to our restaurant. He talked to our staff, took photos of our restaurant and made a note of all the information. Rista Group not only built our website, but they also verified our business on Google map and setup Social Media for us. They are wonderful people to work with and we highly recommend them.

Subhiksha Restaurant
Hamdan Street, Near Russian Embassy, Abu Dhabi

Breej is all brains. Every project we’ve partnered on he has impressed me with his SEO skills.

Travis Causey
Portland SEO Experts

Breej Raj and his company Rista Group is doing a fantastic job in managing social media for our company, Blanche
Beauty Saloon and Henna, Abu-Dhabi. They always provide excellent content and photos. Everyone liked the video that
they made for branding and promotion. Breej Raj is easy to work with and we recommend him for the services he

Blanche Beauty Saloon
Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Breej Raj is the master of Search Engine Optimization. I have had the pleasure of working directly with him in a number of SEO projects. The amount of the SEO knowledge that he brings to the table is extraordinary. He helped our company delivering the best results on a couple of shared projects. He is a true expert and I highly recommend him.

Imran Tariq World’s Authority On Digital Marketing

Breej Raj is a smart, effective and extremely helpful professional. He knows what exactly needs to be done to rank a website #1 in the search engines like Google. He is an asset to any business.

Michael James Fuertes
Google Partner | Founder/CEO – Page One Solutions | Helping Businesses Generate Organic Google Traffic

We had an excellent experience working with Rista Group. Breej Raj is an SEO genius and we highly recommend him.

Danny Garcia SEO Expert
We Will Rank Your Website and Finance The Fees

I came across the Rista Group when I needed an agency that had more experience than I did in a specific niche. Having researched what Rista had done for other clients I felt they could guide me in what was needed. I was wonderfully happy with the guidance and support that was offered to reach my advertising goals. Specifically the SEO upgrades that were implemented did wonders for ranking.

Tony Denson
SEO Marketing and Website Specialist

We worked with Breej Raj on a couple of project for our shared clients and what we delivered was simply Excellent. It would not have been possible without his expertise. He is a genius of SEO and Social Media Marketing and we highly recommend him.

Vigor SEOrchers
Nationally Recognized Search Engine Optimization Experts

Brij Raaj really understands the requirements of clients and provides the best solutions for their online marketing. He is excellent in SEO and his work is beyond expectation. I highly recommend Brij to any business owner who wants to take the business to the next level

Larry Gilbert
Nationally Recognized SEO Expert

I have worked with Brij and Dubai City SEO few times, and each time the experience is more fulfilling and rewarding! He has cutting edge SEO skills that I rarely see in the market. I look forward to future ventures with him and highly recommend him and his agency for SEO needs of any business owner

DeAndre Dodge
SEO Expert

Breej Raj has an exceptional skill set for SEO and Business Development. He is the master of ranking websites on Google. Moreover, the care he shows to his clients and his commitment to helping them succeed is priceless. I have personally worked with him and I highly recommend his services.

Binit Sharma
Graphic Design Professional

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